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Top of the Goths

These are the charts built with our members personal charts they made with Spotify Playlists...

Our charts are based upon playlists we receive from our members. Please submit your playlists at the Top of the Goth's info page...

Available Charts

GothVille TOP100 - Gothic Ever GothVille TOP100 - Gothic Ever

<p style="margin-left: 3em;">This chart is build with your votes you send to our system by submitting your top 25 playlist of what are following your opinion the best top 25 tracks of Gothic in general of all years. The chart itself will create a TOP100 list of all votes...</p><p style="margin-left: 3em;"><br></p><p style="margin-left: 3em;">Your playlist needs to have at least 25 unique tracks, all duplicates will be ignored.<br>Your playlist will count for as long as your playlists stays online at Spotify, and you can change it whenever you want.<br>If your playlist is not being changed for 90 days, we will remove your vote from this chart.</p>

Top of the Goths 2020 Top of the Goths 2020

<p>While everyone will agree with us, 2020 will be the year soon to be forgotten. And yet, we will most likely not. Some bands and artists had big plans this year. Wanted to go on tour, release a new album with nice gigs to introduce them. It all melted as snow for sunny light. Even when you think it is all bad, there was in what we noticed a lot of creativity going on. That's why Top of the Goths 2020 in its first year will be memorial even before it started.</p><p><br></p><p>Make your own Top10 playlist of the best dark tracks you have seen released this year 2020. And share it with us. You may add more than 10, but only the first 10 will count...</p>