Dark music for people dressed in black!

Have some darkness for sale? Start Selling Online with us!

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GothVille Marketplace can bring black-dressed people to your store.
With many features, you can sell products, digital content or tickets for your event!

How it works

Watch our presentation here, and learn more
on how our Market Place works.

Type of products

There are several type of products. Watch here our video to learn more about the different ways you can sell your product.


In this video we explain our commission rules. Learn more about our commission policy and what we will do with it.

Here are some great Facilities/Perks of our
Marketplace Store

Become a GothVille Marketplace exhibitor
You can expand your business and have a full-fledged online store without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining and investing in an e-commerce website for your products. So, start setting up your business in our marketplace.
Commission Management
Since trust and transparency are an important aspect of a business,  hence we follow Commission Management that provides the full transparency that shows our sellers the commission charged when their product is sold from our website. Commissions are used to support our projects like promoting new bands and events,  and by sharing it to the Goth scene worldwide...
Product Collection & Management
Consumers spend more time researching product purchases online before they buy. This makes quality product content on your eCommerce store more important than ever. It's all a part of a better customer experience, which can lead to an increase in your eCommerce sales.