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Radio Schedule Preference

Something we struggle with here at GothVille. What is the preference of our audience in listening to GothVille Radio? We have a wide range of Goth related subgenres, and have put them in a couple of collections. In radio terms, we have put them in blocks. The blocks can be found here on our website

Some time ago, we decided to play our music collection randomly. With keeping the preference of our previous survey in mind, some genres a bit more than others. The result is that when you listen to our station, you get within one hour almost all genres on your speakers. As a music lover, we like this, but do you as a listener like this as well. Not all EBM fans like Punk and vice versa. 

In this survey, we try to get an idea of your view on this. Do you like a radio which plays like a shuffled playlist. Or do you prefer more theme blocks where similar music is being broadcasted during a couple of hours. Please help us to give us your feeling about it, all votes are much appreciated...

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