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We decided to go back into random schedule all day long. No more blocks with 2 or 3 hours of Electro, Rock or other subgenres. We now play the several genres in a mix following the results of our survey, where you can send us feedback on which subgenres you like best. Furthermore, we keep on broadcasting live shows by DJ's who can decide to focus on a mix or a specific genre.


One thing is sure when you tune in at GothVille Radio, you will be traveling in a dark underworld. Ideal for setting it in the background while you work, or play it loud as if you were at a party...

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The GothVille Gothic Music Sub-Genres

Going from old school punk to the latest dark electro within the Gothic Scene...

GothVille Rock

This is our Gothic frame. It is a block where we put tracks with more guitar sounds in it. There can be electronic music influences of course, but the rock influences are here clearly the main content. You will find here the classic Goth Rock, Dark Wave, Dark Metal and other more rock-a-like subgenres.

GothVille Wave

It is the 80ies sound you'll find here. But today's post punk, and post wave, which we also call some dark minimal will be included in this block. There will be some overlapping here with Gothic Rock of course, and sometimes you could say this is more EBM. But we have to decide at a certain point, not always easy and correct...

GothVille Cave

It is a collection of old school punk, batcave, horrorpunk and electroclash can be here as well. Psychobilly and even Rockabilly is possible because we find it dark and underworld enough to be here in our broadcast. if you are a fan, don't forget to send us your playlists, we could use some help with this frame of music. 

GothVille Move

The term EBM is so well known that we feel as if we don't need to explain this radio block. Gothic lifestyle is known for it's very broad range of sub-genres in music. It is all dark, but the type of music is different. EBM is our electro, more aggressive dance music. But it can be soft as well.

GothVille Factory

When you like EBM, but find it not hard enough, we have our factory floor. It is the agrotech, industrial and power noise area of music. It is really fucked up music for fucked up people. You can dance on it, exercise or just listen to it. With this up-beat tempo we could say it is the best way to start your morning with...

GothVille Pop

Are the previous two blocks a bit to hard, a bit to loud. Here it is, on general request (Yes I like it hard), also a soft time frame with the more poppy sounds like Futurepop, Synthpop and other soft electro music with dark influences. Still danceable, but I guess for more elderly people (LOL)...

GothVille Ambient

We have a few frames planned for Dark Ambient. It is very nice to relax, do some intelligent office work with. But the problem is, we need to add a few more tracks to be more varying. On the other side, it is always somewhere in the world party prime-time, and Ambient is not always dance floor music, however sometimes you just need a rest and enjoy the silence of Dark Ambient.

GothVille Celts

Not yet scheduled. But coming as soon as our library is more filled with the Dark Folk, Neo Folk and other Dark Celtic sounds. Enough to have some slots on our stream for dark parties with fire pits in the middle of your living room! GothVille just likes to be nearly normal, not saying we are sometimes just nuts...

GothVille Electro

Not sure if we will get some feedback on this block. Some will like it, some just don't. It is of course almost mainstream :) It is dark electro, today's techno wit dark influences. Many DJ's use old school tunes to mix their beats up to a party level kind of music, but with so much darkness in it that often Goths and for sure Cyber Goths do like it. They even go to DJ festivals like Tomorrowland for it...