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Get ready for our weekly Podcast.

While we are still waiting to get things sorted out for getting back our radio stream back on the net, we will publish podcasts at mixcloud and will try to do it on a weekly base. Do you have new music with your band? Do you happen to know a band which could fit in one of our dark theme shows?  


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New Spotify playlists

Team Image 01
GothVille Move
Updated -> More EBM
  •  We moved the more poppy sounds to the new Pop playlist, leaving more EBM here...
Team Image 02
GothVille Pop
New Playlist
  • Futurepop and Darksynth is the main collection here.
Team Image 03
GothVille Celts
New Playlist
  • We moved the Dark Folk and related music to a specific playlist. Ambient is cleared out... 

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