Live DJ Sets

You will be able to play your set live. You send your stream to our server and we will broadcast it live in our stream.

Your time slots will be reserved in advance, or you have a recurrent show every X days/weeks. After we both have found the perfect match for your convenient you can stream to our server. Can't make it? Or did you loose your connection? No worries, a fallback system will take over and when your connection is back online you can proceed during your time slot.

Your show can be music only, a mix of music and DJ announcements or even interviews. Your show must have at least 75% music in it! GothVille is a music station, not a talk radio 

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No equipment for Live DJ Set?

Even if you do not have the appropiate equipment for creating your live show, you can use your browser to make simple mixes. You can use our catalogue or you can upload your music.

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brown wooden shelf
black and white photo frame
Playlist rotation mechanism

Nothing needed, just an  internet connection

You can also make a playlist which will be broadcasted in your order or just  randomly. A playlist can be built with our catalog, or you can upload your tracks yourselves. You can also use a playlist as backup in case your internet connection fails during your live show. 

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