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Non-Profit Gothic scene organization

Gothic Scene Organization

Started in 2000 as a fun response upon the famous TechnoVille parties in Belgium organized by the alternative radio station Studio Brussel. As old school new wavers we were somehow disappointed with the evolution of that famous radio station and it's lack of dark parties or in our neighborhood. What started as a fun to do party, became a non-profit organization to promote Darkscene related bands and artists and their music by broadcasting them at our online radio station.

Gothic Radio - Gothic Podcasts

Today we still feel the need to support small bands, starting bands and artists which create Goth related music or art, and we wish to continue to promote them in a digital way. For you as an audience it is the ideal location to discover new work, and from all over the world. For the bands it is the offer to announce their work for free. We do this by creating playlists on Spotify, Broadcasting non-stop Goth related music with our online radio, Streaming live shows with Gothic subgenre shows, and creating Podcasts at MixCloud...

Gothic Platform for artists, sellers, organizations and community...

As a small community within the music world, it is hard to earn at least the cost of their productions for these Gothic or dark scene related artists. We are still working on a workable solution, but our goal is to support these bands, organizations of events and other Goth related business a platform to share their work without investing in expensive promotions or other solutions.

GothVille vzw is a legal broadcast

All Royalties are being paid to the organizations Unisono, which is a collaboration between Sabam, PlayRight and SIMIM. They represent all registered Belgian Artist, and have international agreements with other organizations to re-distribute the collected royalties in other countries. A list of all connected organisations can be found here: Your rights Abroad

GothVille vzw
Kiezelweg 121
3540 Herk-de-Stad (Belgium - Europe)
Tel. +32 11 494 664 - Email. infomail@gothville.com
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