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when black dressed people just want to find some new music

While some of us have the age of a dinosaur, we are the ones who started in the early 90ies to start with forums, something what we today call a blog, ect.

GothVille runs on volunteers who try to find some spare time and put some content on the site. But Music was and still is our first passion. So putting the music on our stream is our first concern. Often this made it a double or even triple partly job if you count social media also as a part of it.

So, let's focus on the website, and let some techniques do the rest. We will see what happens, no promises are made here today. The music, that is still what it is all about.

With our GothVille Community blog we bring you some news about our project, but are happy to post your news as well. Do you have some interesting news about the Goth lifestyle, new events or trends you have noticed in your region?

One thing is sure, we are very interested in the way you experience the Gothic underworld in your region or country. We noticed our monthly statistics we have visitors from all over the world. From North to South America, From West to East Europe, From Africa to Oceania... It always made our day, the look of the map where people have been listening to our stream, the impact we give to a small world of artists, bands and promoters who do not have the money to marketeer their work worldwide.

While we are preparing ourselves to come back online with website and features for the audience. We also have plans for the active participators, the bands, artists and promotors. Also for those who are into organizing events like performances, festivals or just club nights,  we are preparing some services they can use which costs often a lot of money.

Have any thoughts, idea's or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us or just leave a comment here. Also much appreciated if yo could help us to inform our fanbase, please share our posts a bit more then before, just to awake our children of the night again, we have been to quit for to long now...

Back with website
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS March 1, 2020
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