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We are trying to figure out what your preferences are while listening GothVille Radio...

The first results are coming in, but we still need more people to participate with our survey.
After all, the more votes, the better the average result of our test.

For now, we see some surprising results on the subgenre preferences. It is too soon to change our random show scheduler. But once we have enough participators, we will be working on our scheduler, and try to get a mix of Goth music following the results per subgenre.

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So, we have this result upon now;

Goth Subgenre group

  1. Gothic Rock (GothVille Rock) 16.53 % 

  2. New (Dark) Wave / Minimal (GothVille Wave) 15.7 % 

  3. Industrial / Noise (GothVille Factory) 13.22 % 

  4. EBM (GothVille Move) 12.40 %  

  5. Dark Electro / Minimal (GothVille Electro) 11.57 %  

  6. Old school / Post / Horror Punk (GothVille Cave) 9.92 %  

  7. Dark Ambient / Brooding Atmospheres (GothVille Ambient) 6.61 % 

  8. Goth Metal (GothVille Hell) 4.96 % 

  9. Futurepop / Synth (GothVille Pop) 4.96 %  

  10. Dark Folk / Celtic (GothVille Celts)  4.13 % 

 The current trend is remaining on the position
 The trend is getting higher in position compared with previous update
  The trend is getting lower in position compared with previous update

Last updated: 25th March 2022 

Do we have your preference?
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS March 19, 2022
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