Get ready for #gothevents

The GothVille Gothic Calendar...

We have added the feature of event calendar in our website. Beside our calendar of our planned DJ shows you also could benefit of this by submitting your events here at GothVille. After this worldwide lockdown, it is time to get ready for going back to normal after all.

If you organize a party or a live gig somewhere in your neighborhood. Or if you plan to stream your event online. Let us know, so we can publish it here in our calendar. Let's start a #gothevents thread on all social medias as well. You can share it with your channels and friends.

We plan to offer a ticket system as well. Our platform can sell tickets online, and you can scan your visitors at the entry to validate their ticket. This last part is not yet completely ready for website users, only for us as administrators, but we plan to bring this forward, so you can use it also with your mobile or tablet...

You will see it in our main menu, or here: Events

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Get ready for #gothevents
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS May 30, 2021
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