Goth's Unite! Send us your message...

Make a short greeting video for a GothVille world message video project...

Hello dear darklings,

We play darkness, have listeners and site visitors from all over the planet. It was one of our goals years ago when we started with GothVille. Making our world a little smaller, and to feed our curiosity about how people experience being Goth at the other side of the world.

Last year we liked the project of Blutengel where they called out for their fans to send a video message. Fans from all over the world started making videos, which lead to a nice video clip for their song "Wir sind Unsterblich" (We are Immortal)


All in the spirit of the worldwide lockdown. It had a good timing. Now, we all are hoping everything will be back to normal soon. We wondered, how would these videos be when you're all back on the dance floor? So, we call to you all out there. Get your mobile ready, and the next time you're back on a party, or in a club, festival or whatever event. Make some video shots of you and your friends and sent them to GothVille. This will be used to promote our united mortal souls here on GothVille. If you want to avoid being recognized, you know what to do.

How to?

Use our music submission form, there you can add your media file, give yourself just a mega cool artist name :) 

Submit your media here...

Goth's Unite! Send us your message...
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS June 27, 2021
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