GothVille Studio Updated

After 15 years, it was time for a new media server

Last Friday, it was the 13th of May. We had the feeling that our old media server was failing more and more. And as if we knew this was soon going to happen, it came a bit quicker than expected. So, a few minutes before Friday was finished, he gave up. 

Lucky, all new equipment had arrived the last couple of days. The one thing we just needed to do was configuring all the shit all over again. And yes, we have backups. But still, it is a lot of work because we wanted to update some other equipment as well. No time left for my live broadcast of the dark twenties on Saturday afternoon.

As of today, Sunday afternoon our local time, the studio server is back running and sending the feed to our stream. The radio was not really offline, the backup stream took over. Only it was playing all music randomly, like in the old days of GothVille radio. And I noticed something funny. Today, with the new schedules, we notice a switch of number of listeners between the several sub-genre shows we stream. This was not happening during the backup stream. It was a more stable number of listeners all day and night long. It just makes me wonder, do we need to go back to the old days, and stream random all genres instead of keeping them separated...

If you have an opinion about it, please let us know...

GothVille Studio Updated
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS May 15, 2022
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