Insight on what music you prefer!

With more than 1000 answers, you could say this is pretty much representing you...

Time to update you once more with some figures!

Because we understand that our diverse music preference, and the hunger for new music, can be sometimes on the radio broadcast a mess. Several Goth related subgenres are being rotated at GothVille Radio. That is why we asked you, children of the night, what your favorite subgenres are in the Goth Scene.

Something which makes clear we need to update the play out rotation of our radio server once in a while. 

Of course it is obvious that on a Goth related Gothic radio the majority would like Goth Rock as music style. Another majority likes the Dark Wave, New Wave and Minimal Wave. Also known as the shoe gaze if you ask us. 

Still a surprise for us is the high score of the Dark Electro / Electro, where we also play Techno Industrial. Followed by Old school Punk and Horror Punk. Post Punk is of course also represented here.

EBM and Industrial are still in the picture. And Dark Ambient is just above the minimal 50% we had in our plan to decide if the genre is being played or not. 

In a next team meeting we will see what we will do with Syntpop, Futurepop, Dark Folk and Goth Metal. When we play less of these categories, but only a few, more time can be given to the high scoring subgenres... 

If you did not participated with our surveys yet, please do now...

Insight on what music you prefer!
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS September 9, 2023
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