Latest results of the GothVille Survey...

New/Dark Wave in the lead, just before Goth Rock

When more people are participating in our survey on how they are experiencing listening to our GothVille online Radio, we are getting a better picture in how our audience is listening and what they like best.

Time to make a report in between. It might trigger you to do the survey yourself in case you haven't done it by now.

Where do you listen?

Obviously, you listen the most while you're at home. Since our scene is more gray than black these days, another obviously result is the low score at school. We all know that our mobile is more and more used to visit website and follow stuff on the Internet. But you are also using it pretty much for listening online radio. The more surprising result is the high score of listening to the radio in your car. This because we are an internet radio only, so we do not have the reach with FM or Dab like many public and commercial mainstream stations have. Also, at work there are more and more people able to listen to our station.

When do you listen?

The result of listening to the radio while you're browsing the internet came somehow surprising for us. Since many browses more and more media sites, social media, and other sites that present video and audio content, it makes us wonder how you people manage that... While working is compared with the first question, somehow high on this score. But cleaning your house, doing the dishes, or other jobs are also working, so it makes sence...

Which device do you use for listening?

The two most used devices are pretty much a normal result for an online radio like GothVille radio. We notice a small raise in usage in the car and with streaming devices. More and more cars support internet radio, or they support at least the Bluetooth technology to listen to your mobile while driving. 

What is your main audio output?

The majority is listening to the radio while they are alone. And most of you put the radio on their speakers. But nice to see that almost 30% of you can enjoy the radio even when they are not alone at home or work. 

What kind of Gothic do you prefer most?

New Wave, Dark Wave is currently still at the top with our audience. Nearly followed by the Goth Rock. In the third position is the Industrial scene, which was previously less significant. Still surprising is the high score of Dark Electro genre, which is in our opinion not so goth :) Fifth position is for EBM, and now closely followed by Punk/Bat Cave. Dark ambient is now more in favor of our audience than Synth pop, which comes also as a surprise for our team. The last positions are taken by Goth Metal and Dark Folk. 

Because this question is multiple answer allowed, it is remarkable that our mix of genres will cause conflicts. We broadcast a mix of all these genres, and we do it with an algorithm that selects the music to play out in pretty much the same representation. But we noticed that a genre switch is happening, people stop listening, and new people start listening. Less visible than before, but we are really considering to make again blocks of genres in the random scheduler. So less random music genre play out, but again more structured in blocks of one, two or three hours within one scene.


We still keep on inviting people to participate in our survey, it really helps us a lot how to focus and improve the radio stream. We received some feedback that people like the mix of our darkness in the Goth scene. But we wonder if people are frustrated by the many genre switches during one hour? Maybe we learn by some comments you can give here or in our mailbox. Our listeners are widely spread in interest of genres.  When we have a new figure in numbers in the near future, this could be changedand making your listener experience more complete.

Latest results of the GothVille Survey...
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 11, 2023
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