Our Playlists are now public at Tidal!

For those audio freaks out there...

There are a lot of talks about the earnings for artists on streaming platforms since the start of this technique. Worth seeing is the miniseries about the start of Spotify. Remarkable how the makers of this series point out the biggest problem of all, the story of the artists is kept as last, and when you are really honest, you also forgot about them while watching the series. The last chapter starts with the artist in the center of your screen, saying; "Oh yeah, and there is also me..."

The Playlist

Back to our playlists. For the last couple of years we are managing a few public playlists where we collect releases, bundled by type of dark scene. When I am honest, I use Spotify most of the time. The best paying streaming service for the artists is mostly not used because of the bad algorithm they have. When I open my account, I often get a lot of crap on my screen, even filtering on most recent gets me to releases from 10 years back, etc.

For my DJ set I use Tidal since I have a licensed subscription that allows this. Spotify doesn't allow it, but here we also pay the maximum subscription. Now Tidal made it also possible to share your playlists to the public. So we now have shared our playlists also on Tidal. 

Discovering new music depends on how you use your streaming platform. For us, it is still Spotify, since we love their algorithm most. We are trying to get at least the same results with Tidal, but for now it is not yet getting there. But when you do like Tidal, because for example you know they pay more to bands and artists than Spotify, you can now follow our playlists on Tidal as well. 

In our current investigation, we see that Tidal not always have the same bands listed. But the last couple of months it is missing less than 5% of the tracks we add to the Spotify lists. We just hope their notifications when new music is released will be better soon. This way we can focus our publications more on Tidal.

GothVille @ Tidal

Our Playlists are now public at Tidal!
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS November 13, 2022
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