Radio Stream on track!

Results of listener numbers far exceed our expectations even before the target date!

Hello audience!

First, thank you all for your support and using our radio stream even better than what we had been hoping for!

When we re-started in June 2021 with our online broadcast, we gave ourselves 2 years time to gain back our audience numbers we had when we had to end our radio stream 2017-2018. That was an average of 4000 unique listeners on a monthly basis. The last 2 months we had some luck by being noticed by some radio players, blogs and bands. 

We entered the TOP10 at Feedspot on the second position of the best Goth blogs world-wide. 

Also after the restart we had to register our stream again in TuneIn, one of the most used mobile apps to stream radio. We have now more than 1.1K followers, which is still a lot to go before we're back where we were, but it is getting noticed...

More and more brands start to include our stream in their devices as a discoverable station, and online radio guides start to get the dark picture of GothVille Radio, we're back!

We now receive for about 4 to 10 release announcements per day. Also, the so important time indication of the visitors on our site is now above 2.5 minute, what indicates that people are actual reading our pages and posts.  Sidenote is that we still find it noticeable how passive “active“ our listeners are. We surely could use some more feedback from you. And sharing our stream, website, Facebook and Twitter posts are surely appreciated !!!

Secondly, we wish to thank those who have supported us by sending a little donation. Running our stream is costing money, and because we do it legal, we pay our loyalties in support for the bands and artists. Also, you can find some merchandising in our little shop. We know, shipping costs for some countries more than the gadget, it is the best price we can get for now in shipping worldwide.

Thinking about just sending a little donation? More info can be found here...
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GothVille Radio in Figures...

Top10 Countries of Listeners origin

CountryListenersTime (Avg. / Day)
United States500916:45:06
United Kingdom19013:34:16

Number of Unique listeners per Month (more than 1 minute connected)
06/2022:  +2800
07/2022:  +5800
08/2022:  +5200

Preferred sub-genre following our survey

Radio Stream on track!
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS August 31, 2022
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