We Want You!

It is always evening somewhere in the world...

Live radio is always a bit more connecting than just playing random music. While the random play out of our server is doing the job, when a DJ is selecting the music, it is always that little more personal.

So we are looking for people who like to make playlists, or even stream a DJ set live. Maybe just for fun, or to promote your club, party, festival, band, new album, ...

You can choose your time slot, and we can figure out what is possible. Your show must be minimal one hour in duration, and a maximum of 3 hours. When you stream live you can connect during the assigned time slot, and the radio is all yours. 

You can decide to just play the music, or you can present and connect the tracks with voice. Your show can be a mix of all dark scene related music, or you can make it a theme, specific for only one subgenre, or a few of them. 

When you cannot stream live, you can use our server to plan playlists. These playlists are played following the schedule we agreed on, and you can play this in your sorting order you have saved it, or just make it random.

When you use our server you can use our music database, and when we are missing tracks, you can upload your own tracks. 

So, don't be shy! Sign-up now, and let's search the best fitting time slots for you and start playing your DJ sets at GothVille Radio.

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We Want You!
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS July 12, 2023
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