What to expect at the GothVille ClubNight?

Let's make it clear! GothVille ClubNight is a discovery trip in the Dark!

We have been receiving some questions about our ClubNight next Saturday (30/09/2023).
Time to clear out some of them here in a little FAQ...


  • Do you play music from Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, ....
    Maybe in the late hours, but this ClubNight is all about new darkness...
    Unless the band released new work this decennial...
  • Can we pay for our beverage with Cash / Debit card / Phone
    All payment options are available...
  • Is the event sold out, or can it happen, I cannot enter?
    At the time of these writings, we have to decide to make the venue at full or half capacity, so you can enter. If possible, at least confirm at the Facebook event page that you are coming instead of interested (or change your choice now!) 
  • I have registered a ticket on your website, do I really need it to bring it along?
    We are currently working on our ticket system for future use, this is a free event, so it will not be needed to bring along. You can save it on your phone however :)
  • Will there be enough parking in the neighborhood of the venue?
    You most likely cannot park in front of the door. The venue is in the inner city, but it is a small city. Walking distance from the available parking slots are between 5 and 8 minutes walk.
  • Are you really going to play only music from 2020 and beyond?
    (Haha, mostly asked by colleague DJ's and organizations :) )
    Yes, it is the concept, it is a ClubNight. If people do not dance, they talk, and don't we talk to less in real life??? You can of course dance if you want, but we want to give you a club where you can enjoy the music, drinks, with or without a chat with friends...
  • Will there be a playlist available?
    Yes, we will publish the playlist soon after the event. If you remember the timestamp, you will be able to find the track. But during the ClubNight we will also show the stream on a projected screen, here we always show what is currently playing.
What to expect at the GothVille ClubNight?
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS September 24, 2023
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