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Best of The Dark Twenties
In the year of 2022

And the year is going to an end. 2022 will be soon history. It was dark, in music and in the rest of the world. We guess it is because of the politic and geographic stress worldwide that bands hide in their studio, or basement, and start composing new music with somehow a more dark sound and lyrics.

At the end of the year, it is for me always a more stressful period, full of last efforts getting work done before new year. That is why I am not able to get the live show done the next couple of weekends. But there will be podcasts at MixCloud. Music only, it is after all the only thing that matters!

I am also preparing some shows with the theme; The Best of... Here I will make a playlist with a selection of what has been discovered during this year, and which have had a good response on listeners and followers. Of course combined with my personal selection based on experience, taste, and sound.

Currently, the agenda is as follows, but which can change...
Saturday 19th of November: Best of The Dark Twenties Wave
Saturday 26th of November: Best of The Dark Twenties Rock
Saturday 10th of December: Best of The Dark Twenties Move & Factory

So, best way is to keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter page, and of course my MixCloud profile.

Best of The Dark Twenties
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS 4 November, 2022
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The Dark Twenties
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