Live shows being recorded

Seems to be ready for publishing our live shows on our own podcast page...

We are ready to publish or live shows on our own podcast management system. This will reduce the cost of podcast hosting for all our shows being recorded and published on podcasts platforms, which cost only extra.

The main idea is here to put at least all live shows recordings as a podcast in case you have missed a live show. But our DJ's Will also be able to put their podcasts here as well for free...

In the meantime, we uploaded all previous trials and the first official edition of The Dark Twenties by DJ Anaxagoras.

You can find our podcasts here: GothVille Podcasts

Live shows being recorded
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS January 11, 2022
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This was 2021
The Dark Twenties Show by DJ Anaxagoras