The Best of The Dark Twenties Wave

Saturday 19th of November '22 by DJ Anaxagoras

Get ready for the first “The Best Of” show for 2022 !

The Best of The Dark Twenties Wave

It is almost weekend, and the first show of “The best of” series will start on Saturday 19th of November at 14h00 Central European Time. This show will be 3 hours of New Wave, Minimal Wave, Post Punk, Shoe Gaze related music that has been released in 2022. Don't be mistaken, it is not a Top40 or 50. We play the tracks randomly. The tracks are selected by me, and are based upon the scores of feedback on posts we did in our blog, plays on Spotify and Tidal, and personal taste.

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2022 Was a dark year. While writing this post, we had just learned that World War III has never been so close, looking around the corner. Music is emotion. It can be happy, sad, and lovely. The sound of the 80'ies is clearly present in this show.  It is live, so feel free to tune in on MixCloud or GothVille Radio this Saturday afternoon. The show will be available for listening at a later time, like always, in case you can't make it at the given time. It will be hosted by Mixcloud as a podcast. 

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Have fun!

The Best of The Dark Twenties Wave
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS November 17, 2022
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Best of The Dark Twenties
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