The Dark Twenties #10.2

The Darkness in your afternoon, 11th March of 22.

This one was still yet to be published, the playlist of the Dark Twenties show of Saturday 11th March in 2022. As expected, workload is making it more difficult to keep track of all, but we do our darkest best.

In this edition, we had again the latest releases in the spotlight of the show. A mix of all major genres from GothVille Radio. You can re-listen or catch up the show at Mixcloud, here is the link:


TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Corporate SlaveOhota14:01
Hotline to ElvisThe Cassandra Complex14:06
My Cosmos Is MineDepeche Mode14:10
La VilleL'avenir14:15
1 StockFix und Fertig14:23
TerminatorShadow Creek14:24
te soy fielBLOOD CLUB14:30
Lovers From The PastMareux14:33
Shot ShotJennifer Touch14:36
Darkness ForeverKISS OF THE WHIP14:40
Stomp HardTransponder14:43
In the DungeonG.H.T14:48
Dance Fight or DieSpankthenun & SynthAttackSynthAttack Version14:51
Verstaus im posterumExorcisor14:54
DefinitivamenteDark Door14:58
Call Me DeadSusurration15:01
Lost in TimeScheitan15:08
House of the DevilBARA HARI15:12
SLEEP 4EVERMale Tears15:17
The Devil in Their DreamsPure Obsessions & Red Nights15:21
WordsXenia Beliayeva15:25
No SignalLimbo Slice & Lazerpunk15:28
chatGPT is Gother Than YouExtize15:30
Robot VoicesDJ HellWestbam Edit15:34
XTCDie Arkitekt15:40
MothsRue Oberkampf & GEISTHA15:45
Brain-deadJosie Pace15:49
Devil's BreedThe ArchRadio Edit15:53

The Dark Twenties #10.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS March 26, 2023
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