The Dark Twenties, 11/12/2021

Bathroom was flooded at DJ Anaxagoras

Oh dear, it was fun last Saturday. Trying to repair the shower quickly was a bit wishful thinking for an electrician, I must admit. 10 minutes before the show had to start live, I was finished by cleaning my mess. Unprepared, I opened all stuff in my studio, and nothing was working properly. So I started without the proper visuals. Never mind the bad mood, lucky I had my playlist prepared, after all, it is all about the music isn't it???

CU next week Saturday from 14h00 CET...

Cover image: METAL DISCO

Here's the playlist of last Saturday, 11/12/2021

Love PromiseSuicidal Romance04:3714:07
Dead Eyes BlackMassive Ego04:0314:10
When the Sun Goes DownBells of Soul03:4614:14
Better Than the FixRosegarden Funeral Party04:1114:18
There Are No DreamsGhosting04:3014:27
My CageSexual Purity02:3614:32
Nil By MouthBroken English Club05:1614:34
Lost in TimeVelvet Vega03:2414:43
Let Your Daemons FreeIamnoone03:3714:47
Trans-dollMETAL DISCO02:3914:54
DestructionArmageddon Dildos04:0915:01
This YouthCarlo Onda03:0715:05
Special AArnaud Rebotini05:4715:08
Eternity's a BitchForm Follows Function04:2815:14
Here We Go - Enjoy The ShowTENSION CONTROL04:1715:18
Surrounded By SpiesPlacebo05:1515:27
Potions of DepartureGulf Blvd02:3615:33
Leave Me BeDive03:3715:35
ShacklesStreet Fever03:1515:44
LockdownClan Of Xymox04:3415:47
I Never LearnShock Therapy04:3715:52
LightsThis Eternal Decay03:3715:59
The Dark Twenties, 11/12/2021
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS December 18, 2021
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