The Dark Twenties #12.2

Just another Saturday afternoon in the dark room...

The concept is still the same! New releases of the last couple of weeks in the dark scene. Less blabla, more music... Below the playlist of this show, you can re-listen at Mixcloud...

TDT at Mixcloud

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Fool's GoldSilent Runners14:01
We Feel AlrightGirls Under Glass14:04
Your Blood Your SoulSonsombre14:09
All Under the SkyCathedral Bells14:12
PerfectionThis Eternal Decay14:17
Sound Of GloryPop Evil14:25
Dead Man RidingLarry Wallis & The Brains14:28
ObsessedElectric Chair14:31
Industrie 4.0Metroland14:36
Fragile to the DawnBells of Soul14:41
ElectricityBeborn Beton14:44
Out in the RainMental Discipline14:53
CommunicateKirlian Camera14:58
Midnight ShadowsAntipole & Paris Alexander15:04
People Are GoodDepeche Mode15:07
Secrets to Be HeardSocial Station15:12
On my ownFiasko Leitmotiv15:15
BloodlessAgent Side Grinder15:18
A Familiar LieTorch15:22
I Loved You?!The Ultimate Dreamers15:27
Hopeless and RomanticVenus Ratajczyk15:30
Patterns Beat EmotionCult Of Alia15:33
No One SurvivesSpankthenun & GrendelGrendel Version15:38
Our ChurchVV303Club Mix15:41
No ResponseLazerpunk & Tenebrax15:50
Vox Irae2nd Face15:53
Sick WorldTarik Bouisfi15:59

The Dark Twenties #12.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 8, 2023
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