The Dark Twenties #13.2

Easter is about the darkness of Death

The Dark Twenties of last Saturday is our Easter show. But real theme songs won't be in the playlist, in case you were wondering. However, I noticed this week more Electro Body Music releases, so this show is a mix with more EBM, dark electro and Industrial. Starting we do with some old school punk sounds.  

Here is the link to the show for those who can't listen on a Saturday afternoon.

The Dark Twenties #13.2

 The playlist of dark releases of the last couple of weeks:

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
This Song SucksThe Distortionists14:00
Od'd and DiedElectric Chair14:03
MaryGrave Diggers Union14:11
Nikt nie wołaWieże Fabryk14:14
SUNMan of Moon14:21
Your HumanityRed Industrie14:25
Median WavesAlpha Sect14:30
Lost SoulsAux Animaux14:35
SanjamSixth June14:39
Low Frequency OscillationRetrograth14:43
Take Me OutMedio Mutantefeat. Boshe14:47
DenialSDH Semiotics Department of Heteronyms14:49
Break for YouBrighter Than A Thousand Suns14:52
Data EntryKiko, The HackerThe Hacker Remix14:56
Flammen Und FlüsseLeæther Strip15:02
Wir tanzen durch die NächteReaper & Desastroes & Lykard15:07
Draw Your Terminal Breath:Wumpscut:15:11
Gulag - KalashnikovAcylum15:19
Mortal BirthFirst Aid 4 SoulsRework15:23
God In VitroSynapsyche15:27
ShadowSt. Digue15:31
NullMelotronfeat. In Strict Confidence15:35
A Walk with the Shining OnePure Obsessions & Red Nights15:38
Your Death Is My GloryCamlann15:41
On The EdgeSian15:46
Dead ZoneBlush Response15:49
FiremanMerry ChicklitRadio Edit15:53
Future CoheranceLady Maru15:56

The Dark Twenties #13.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 10, 2023
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