The Dark twenties #14.1

The Wave-Gothik-Treffen countdown has begun...

Previous week it was time to have a first preparation for visiting the WGT festival at Leipzig. The Countdown has begun, so get ready to see what the current confirmed bands have been releasing the last couple of years. Namely, in 2020 and beyond.

It is the concept of our show, so we keep on that. Only music which is being released lately.

This post is late, but you still can enjoy it on Mixcloud and our podcast server.

You can listen here:

GothVille Podcasts - Mixcloud

Playlist - TDT #14.1

1 reptile Monomorte
2 Autobiography of an Evening Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys
3 Canossa Enter Tragedy
4 No Secret Islands Blacklist
5 Nein Unzucht
6 Tod ... find´ich gut! Kontrast
7 Faszination Devil-M
8 Destruye Rabia Sorda
9 Undo Annicke Shireen
10 Dark and Stormy Funhouse
11 All Else is a Curse Astari Nite
12 Desire
13Press Play
Soft Kill
14Brother Fear
And Also the Trees
16Dark Side
17Fashion Dance
19Speaking of a Devil
Beyond Obsession
21Someday I Will Bask in the Sun
22Rowdy Friends
Choir Boy
23 Cast in Stone VV & The Void
24 One Missed Call
ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse)
25 Meltdown FIX8:SED8
26Kiss My Basszilla
27 Wait for a Sign
28 Basic Needs, Minuit Machine
29 Dervish Reichsfeind

The Dark twenties #14.1
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS March 26, 2022
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