The Dark Twenties #16.1

Quickly before we go...

What I was afraid of, is starting to happen. Freedom is coming back. This means, Saturday afternoon (my time) is going to be filled with visiting some festivals, meaning that I will most likely prefer being at the venue instead of playing tracks. 

So we can record the session, or just skip that week. We will see.

Last week was 10 years of Porta Nigra in Aarschot (Belgium). Good to see that bands are ready to perform again on stage. Some were a bit rusty, some looked as if they have never been gone. It was what we call here at GothVille: Natural Talent :) 

Did you missed the episode 16 of our first year? No problem, you can listen whenever you want to the recorded session at:


The Dark Twenties #16.1
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 9, 2022
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