The Dark Twenties #17.1

New darkness every week with DJ Anaxagoras

At GothVille we make radio, we are streaming this live show also on Mixcloud, and previously also on Twitch. To be honest, we are not sure why, it looks fun for me, but I cannot say it is a big success. In the meantime, we ended to do this for Twich because of reading all rights and legal stuff upon their site, it seems that streaming your DJ set on Twitch is not legal.

On Mixcloud it is, rights are being paid for, and as long as they are doing this, we consider to keep it up and going for Mixcloud. But we are not going to invest too much time in visuals, because keeping up the new releases is taking more time than enough.

Last Saturday it was the 17th edition of TDT, and again we had no trouble in finding new releases, So a good mix of all subgenres within the gothic scene. That being written, do not forget to give us your experience in how you listen to online radio, and most important, what are your personal favorite subgenres within our scene? The more votes we get, the better our shows, but also our random radio will be playing the right amount of everything.

One thing is sure, we do not want to become a radio with focus only on goth, wave, cave or whatever subgenre. We at GothVille love the different styles, and love to have a switch, so now and then...


And you can play the show also on our podcast server at GothVille Radio


The Dark Twenties #17.1
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 16, 2022
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