The Dark Twenties #19.1

New work from hell. This is our show with again new releases of the last couple of weeks.

Never thought if we would experience this. I repeat myself, but it is amazing how many dark productions get into our mailbox, we can hardly keep up the posts. When I started with the concept for The Dark Twenties, I thought I would be able to search for fitting visuals, but it seems this was wishful thinking.

More rock related releases this week, we have however in the first part of the show again some electro. And we may play them following the survey. What came as a surprise for me as well, there are some electro fans following the show as well. And we noticed it in the survey. Speaking of, if you did not enter your music preferences yet, please do. The more entries, the better our overall spreading of the sub-genres in the show and the radio itself as well.

Or you can listen it at our Podcast server as well: The Dark Twenties #19.1


The Dark Twenties #19.1
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS April 25, 2022
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