The Dark Twenties #19.2

From new wave to dark electro...

Found some new work in our mailbox from band that released early 2020, and at that time I did not noticed, or even didn't know them... This week is as always focused on new releases from last week, but I have some included work from the early dark twenties...

You can visit my Mixcloud page at DJ Anaxagoras @ Mixcloud

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
TransmitterTrees Speak14:00
NightAux Animaux14:05
Rotation of SteelVioletiger14:09
CicatricesPíldora Letal14:14
Home In SufferingPerverse State14:16
The VoidSorry-Heels14:21
Repeat the DeathPillhs Castle14:25
ChemicalsFairy Pussy14:29
sad boy, paint my nailsMale Tears14:31
Everybody Is A NobodyBLACKBOOK14:34
UnloveScary Black14:37
HauntedMoons In Retrograde14:43
RUINGillian Dream14:46
TrenchesPop Evil14:49
Rat KingSkold14:56
DeutschlandFront Line Assembly14:59
ArmouredCoiled As Devilry15:04
Fixation FantasyNow After Nothing15:09
God of LoveScreaming Dead15:13
GutsSister May15:16
GhostsPaura Diamante15:20
DelusionTarik Bouisfi15:44
SLITSKINBestial Mouths15:49
ROTATIONSMatt Hart15:53
The Age of SatanAlien:Nation2CB Version15:57

The Dark Twenties #19.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS July 9, 2023
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