The Dark Twenties #20.2

The last new releases of Goth Related music from this week...

So, my voice isn't yet recovered from the previous weekend at Rock Herk. This means only music, no blabla :) This edition is only containing a few rock tracks, even less wave, but more work from electro-industrial and dark electro influences. As always, you can catch it up at Mixcloud, the playlist is below;

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Playlist The Dark Twenties #20.2

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Mad Worldnthng14:00
A HauntingWhispers In The Shadow14:06
Aloha From HellThe 69 Eyes14:11
Waiting for YouScreaming Dead14:14
Love And PunishmentShock Therapy14:18
ResistanceMental DisciplineSingle Version14:23
Hasta la flor más bella muerePíldora Letal14:28
Bad To The BoneCarlo Onda14:30
FateDance My Darling14:34
Silver LiningAlienare14:41
LegendTobias Bernstrup14:50
Disco 1.5Special Interest14:54
Speed of DarkUlisess & DEATHCROONERS14:55
Saturnian PandemoniumAlien:Nation14:58
Tears of BloodChemical Sweet KidMMXXIII15:06
Ressurective HungerPreEmptive Strike 0.115:10
Youth! Take a standArnaud RebotiniDave Clarke Remix15:18
Like A DrumEmmon15:24
Crossing the LinesFermion15:27
Implant MalfunctionsDrvg Cvltvre15:32
PHANTAZMOwl Vision15:37
To The ClubSpankoxSpace Motion Remix15:45
RainbowMaksim DarkHumankind 2023 Remix15:49
You Can Forever BeBoris Brejcha & Deniz Bul & Moritz HofbauerOriginal Mix15:54

The Dark Twenties #20.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS July 26, 2023
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