The Dark Twenties #21.2

Yet another week of new music at GothVille Radio

The latest darkness in the Goth scene

Normaly there was no broadcast this week, but due to work related stuff, I was at home, and only visited Amphi fest on Sunday...

But there was no shortage of new music. The set of 2 hours was easily filled with nice darkness in Goth, New wave, Dark wave, Synth pop, Industrial and dark electro. SO, once again, it is a show with a lot of variety in styles, going from smoothly rock to the hard electro sounds.

The show begins with a live fragment, a message that was brought by Sinead O'Conner on television, the one where she tore the picture of the pope into pieces. Later it became clear this was a decision that she wouldn't regret, but the hypocritical mainstream music world dropped their support. Now, we see them with all positive comments in how good she was... Sad, but real...

Fight the real enemy!

Re-Listen at Mixcloud:


TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
WARSinéad O'Connerand she was right!14:00
The Clouds Are Closing InTotem14:04
PrimitiveThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion14:07
Graveyard RockDeath Party UK14:11
This Is Not My TimeTragic Black14:14
All I WantNow After Nothing14:19
Message of MercyPain in the Yeahs14:25
I Am DestroyedHallows14:28
Death Or LibertySkold14:31
I'm Ready to GoDeus Ex Lumina14:35
The KnockingMoonsleep & Corlyx14:38
I Was So Alivefearing14:42
Break Every RoomPrincess Ugly14:46
Nap És HoldPost Analog Disorder14:49
Perdí Mi Ojo De VenadoVacíos Cuerposcover14:54
Eres locoREY RATA14:58
We WalkVox Low15:02
Ich binVersus15:07
An Idea Of Guilt Part 2Hello Pity15:10
UntertauchenFiasko Leitmotiv15:16
Gremlins in the SystemExtize & Assemblage 23Remix15:23
ControlEva XRed Lokust Remix15:26
Feed The MachinesES2315:30
OblivionIn Her Hate15:34
HasteSuper Dragon Punch!!15:39
Nostaliga HysteriaSlighter15:43
Das MinimalprinzipXotox15:47
Dreamless MemoryDstm15:50

The Dark Twenties #21.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS August 2, 2023
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