The Dark Twenties - #24.2

Back from the festivals, back a regular Dark Twenties Show...

It was, once again, a sunny Saturday (02/09/2023), 

After a short break, festival season you know, and two trial shows for the club night at the end of this month, we started again with a regular The Dark Twenties show. And we did some catching up of the releases of the last couple of weeks. 

Of course, after a holiday, there is also a lot of work. So I started the show with one list of the selections we made, but didn't sort them out. But after reviewing it, the sorting during the show itself might be a bit more stressful, it went fine we think.

You can re-listen it here:

You can re-listen to this show here at Mixcloud

Playlist is below:

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Absolute WeaponMellow Code14:00
EBM Way Of LifeContainer 9014:04
LabyrinthUnhuman & Petra Flurr14:12
SatelliteVandal Moon14:17
Never did IBestial Mouths14:20
ResurgenceParadox Obscur14:24
VHSWe own the night14:31
Roadhouse Down BelowBemoan14:34
Creature Of The NightThe Spauldings14:38
Quiet on the borderThe Cold Field14:41
It's Getting RainierTragic Black14:44
Psycho Active CrustfunkCravory14:47
Flicker In The DarkThe Halo Trees14:59
I Am the DevilGothminister15:02
VIKINGSlaughter to Prevail15:06
Cannot Stay SilentOudeis15:11
VísdómrHeldom & Danheim15:15
Memory CorruptorSlighterfeat. Steven Seibold & Morgue VVitch15:19
Light On Light - Seraph Mix by Gordon YoungOctober Burns Black15:23
Burning EmbersDream Pop Prince15:27
LightseekerUnity One15:31
Recite After MeMarc Massive15:36
Die Strömung der WeltXotox15:40
Fuck / MeGrappler Sofia15:43
ArcarsenalGillian Dream15:49
Punished SurvivorDEADLIFE15:52
Tear You DownAsh Code15:56

The Dark Twenties - #24.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS September 9, 2023
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