The Dark Twenties #25.2

It's a rat race...

Hello children of the Night...

It's a Rat Race! Last week we broadcasted The Dark Twenties, chapter 25, year two...

Finally got the time to publish it for re-listening on MixCloud. Playlist is below.
This week (Saturday 16 Sept '23) there will be no show, we are visiting Rat Rock, Oi!


TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Annoying FoalSonic Jesus14:00
Clear FieldsThe Arch14:04
No ManifestoSilent Runnersbonus track14:09
DistanceVox Low14:12
Brighten Up My LifeViolent Vickiefeat. Mirror of Haze14:20
Witch CoastSad Madona14:24
AssaultShad Shadows14:31
Dancing DreadCravory14:35
you are your postsMale Tears14:38
CTRL Obey Conform 2.0Red IndustrieRadio Edit14:40
PulsiónVacíos Cuerpos14:45
AtropineThe CoventrySingle Edit14:48
Lock on TargetABU NEIN14:52
Body Machine RiseNano Infect14:55
MemoriesSignal Aout 4214:59
No Touch TorturePatriarchyOdonis Odonis Remix15:06
Titan ArchGod Module15:09
OBSEZZEROwl Vision15:14
Memento MoriOhota15:17
Hot Like CarrieExtize & ReaperRemix15:21
death by hangingFabrikC15:25
Let's FvckX-RX15:30
ChastityPussy Riot & Boys Noize & Alice GlassBoys Noize Club Mix15:34
Get UndressedFreaky Mind & Mental DisciplineMental Discipline Mix15:39
TimeAlien Vampires15:43
BloodsportRave Syndicate15:48
Bloody Prophets IIFleischKrieg15:53
DualityMoaan Exis15:56

The Dark Twenties #25.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS September 16, 2023
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