The Dark Twenties #26.2

One week left before we go to party at the ClubNight...

The previous week, we had a last minute decision and went to the RatRock Festival. It was a good decision, because we've seen some nice old school punk, met new people and had a good trip. So all was worth doing it.

This week, we are at one week before. Before the GothVille ClubNight. SO Next week the live broadcast will not be at 14h00 CET, but will start at 21h00 CET. And there we start with the show for a live audience, together with those who cannot make it. So we stream live from the venue. 

Whenever you will follow this online or at the Club itself. Please make a picture with your friends, meet each other in a pub or bar, and hitchhike the audio system to put it upon GothVille Radio and make your own party. You could do it also at home, of course. :)
Post your image on your social media with #gothvilleclubnight and perhaps some greeting. Whenever we can manage it at the same time, we will project your picture and greetings on the big screen and stream.

One month before Halloween takes place, we open the season with the event, in order to bring people together, and provide them with new Darkness, from all over the globe...

Those who missed this week's show, below you can find the playlist and the link to DJ Anaxagoras his Mixcloud page.


TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
DeceiversGiant Waves14:00
Henry RodeVox Low14:04
Charming ManFarba Kingdom14:10
Narcoleptic Dream CatcherNight Nail14:13
The Big BoysDesmond Doom14:21
My Worst Enemy Is MyselfNightcrawler & Deus Ex Lumina14:29
Dead Fingers Talk _A Cloud of Ravens RemixCurse Mackeyfeat. A Cloud of Ravens14:34
The Last AlarmCoffin Moth14:37
DownChemical Sweet Kid14:41
Depravity BitesStaytus14:49
EstherExtizeCombichrist Remix14:52
DEEP DOWN CITYMatt Hart14:57
Lead Villain (Halloween Mix)AnimositiRadio Edit15:01
Death After LifePrincess Ugly15:05
Let Your Darkness Out!Dunkelsucht15:08
Blood in Four ColorsArkham Sunset15:22
We Are All DestroyedFermion15:26
Live TogetherMinusheartSingle Edit15:31
I want moreXTR HUMAN15:41
Fading AwayEchoberylB-Dub Remix15:44
Let The Ugly OutDead Lights15:53
AdriftAnders Manga15:56


The Dark Twenties #26.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS September 24, 2023
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