The Dark Twenties 3.2

Yet another cold, dark Saturday of the year...

This week is cold and dark, snowy and slippery. No worries, we were all safe inside our homes, doing our thing. One of the things we do, here at GothVille, is mainly discovering new music. The Dark Twenties is the show, dedicated to the latest releases from our beloved scene.

You can listen to it on Mixcloud:

This week we have collected these tracks, the playlist from our Saturday's afternoon show is here:

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
Snow White WordsRetrograth14:05
Kalle TheodorGhosting14:09
Winds of DeathConcavityMinimal Mix14:12
SummerchildJennifer Touch14:16
Set Yourself On FireULTRA SUNN14:20
Dancing With MachinesBuzz Kull14:26
VaqueraFrench Police14:28
BorderpolarTheatre's Kiss14:31
Seed of DoubtMadeline Goldstein14:35
The End of the WorldGlasszone14:48
The Broken SpellIamnoone14:51
The Devil, the KingLet There Be Darkness14:56
Catholic GuiltSacred Hearts15:00
RumblePlague Vendor15:03
New LightSUNDATA15:10
She Takes ControlShe Hates Emotions15:12
Kein SignalSuperikone15:16
City of AngelsLadytron15:20
Robot VoicesDJ Hell15:29
KavalDie Arkitekt15:43
RaverSpace Motion & Stylo15:48
Dancing till we dieMidnight Vices15:53
I am Cy-BorgRabbits wear bootsRadio Edit15:57

The Dark Twenties 3.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS January 29, 2023
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The Dark Twenties 2.2
Back to normal, 2 hours music from some latest releases in the Dark Scene...