The Dark Twenties 4.2

Going from Goth Rock to Electro-Industrial, with not much in between...

How do I find a good cross over from Gothic Rock to the harder work of electro-Industrial music? Well, you don't. Except that a few EBM tracks came along this week. So the show is almost cut in two major parts, starting with the more Goth Sounds like we all know from the 80ies, and the second part electro-Industrial 

The link to MixCloud:

Below you can find The Playlist:

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
The Devil Is BlueIdentified Patient13:59
Murder in the TempleZohra14:05
Tears of a thousand eyesThe Bone Tree14:09
Vampyre D'amourSENEX IV14:14
Rock MusicShock Therapy14:18
Tears to CryThe Hunger14:23
D.E.RLiv Sin14:28
GlyphLunar Paths14:37
At nightCatalogue14:39
From The Bones Of The DeadMemoria14:45
Alle wollen GeldTENSION CONTROL14:51
Higher GroundRotersand14:58
RockGooseRadio Edit15:02
HekateCima Muta15:05
Zlatni KomaracInvolucija15:08
SentinelMaksim Dark15:12
Ritornel TwoUrstadtOriginal Mix15:19
ProcessionMoris Blak & S Y Z Y G Y X15:26
Cellular EffectsDrinkMoreJuice15:30
Martyr Du TempsWaLLis15:37
Fukc FaceFabrikC15:43
Flashing LightsFOVOS & Lister15:47
The BlackoutDJ Hell15:50
Crassy MelSEXTILE15:57

The Dark Twenties 4.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS January 29, 2023
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