The Dark Twenties #8.2

Happy International EBM Day 2023

24/02 is the day all EBM fans celebrate their International EBM Day. That means that The Dark Twenties, playing the day after, had to pay some attention to those electro releases of this week, month. And you might not believe it, but many EBM or Dark Electro bands decided to release some new work this week :)

As usual, you can relisten to the show at the Mixcloud page of DJ Anaxagoras:

Listen at Mixcloud - TDT #8.2

The Playlist of the tracks we have been playing, here below:

TitleArtistRemixPlay Time
1984Vaughtyfeat. Cherry Ballard14:00
SuicidalFreakangelBreak The Cycle14:05
Another DayGeorge Santana14:14
Witch MovesDrinkMoreJuice14:24
Zeros and OnesViscerene14:29
Des Kaisers neue KleiderSturm Café14:33
The AbstractMoris Blak & genCAB14:37
4ir intelligenceMetroland14:41
TystnadKonstruktionenfeat. Hardpot14:48
Still In The Thick Of ItAutumns15:00
GH0STZOwl Vision15:04
Rat LickerDrvg Cvltvre15:08
WonderlandSolitary Experiments15:14
KrampusCenthron & Intent:OuttakeIntent:Outtake 2022 Remix15:18
All Black EverythingFaderhead15:24
PsychonautNoNameLeft & The YellowHeads15:28
Dark RiderMaksim Dark15:34
automatic nightmareFabrikC15:41
No GodSynthAttack15:47
Power of the VoiceOhota15:51
I'm not a CasualtyMaelstrom & Louisahhh15:55
Fuck The ApocalypseSpankthenun & Komor KommandoSebastian Komor Remix15:59

The Dark Twenties #8.2
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS February 26, 2023
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