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Welcome Dark Scene!


May I say thank you for all your info! You guys have been sending a lot of news to our inbox lately! I must admit that I am a bit shamefaced that we weren't ready for all your news. At first, we thought we could set up our blog for it. But we can hardly follow the posts of the new releases on Spotify only. And there of course other platforms as well. 

With this forum, we want to give you some freedom to post your news without interference of our team, where lack of time is mostly the bottleneck, before we can post it properly. The future will teach us what this will bring, but if it is dark news, it is welcome here!

We will keep an eye on it. The rules are simple. True Goth minded people do have common sense after all :) But posts which encourage people to do illegal things, offensive texts, and non Goth related stuff will be deleted without warning! Multiple abuses will be sanctioned by banning your user account.

You can post with links to your site or streaming platform. You can include images to make it sexy :)

If you have problems, see a post that doesn't feel right, please let us know. Enjoy it!

The GothVille Crew...


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Let us know how and when you listen to our online radio. Also indicate wich subgenres you like best. This way we can make the best mix of all darkscene related music on our station. Enough variation that makes the radio sounds good enough to make it your all day station. 

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