Dark Music For People Dressed In Black!

Project GothVille

Some history about the GothVille project. Started in 2000 as a fun idea to play some dark music on parties.

GothVille Party

30 OCT 2000

A few friends started with a Gothic party called "GothVille". It was an answer to the mega parties of those days where House music and Techno DJ's were playing on TechnoVille. Today we know it as Tomorrowland. It was fun, no need to say, less people visited this party :)

GothVille Fest

22 MAR 2003

3 Bands performed in our hometown with dark tunes. It was fun because the founders of GothVille started a band also, Companions in Art. About 150 people visited this evening.

01 APR 2005

GothVille Radio

We started with a non-stop radio station, internet only. Here we played a variety of sub genres within the Goth scene. Going from old school punk to the latest Noise and everything in between. In 2010 we had a regular monthly audience of 3500 listeners. Loyalty organizations didn't agreed with us we were only a small station any more. Costs started rising drastic.

Gothic ClubNight's

2010 - 2015

Together with 4 other organizations we created on a monthly base a club-night where DJ's played their darkest tracks. It was for all of us a way to survive the ongoing discussions about the fee we had to pay for our Radio Stream. On top of that the loyalty organization came with an extra fee that label and producers had to be paid as well. We had a monthly cost for about € 750,00 and a donation income for about € 20,00

We raised for about 250,00 monthly with the club nights.

GothVille Radio Silenced

07 SEP 2017

The founders decided to pull out the plug of the online radio stream. We didn't got any proof about the payouts those Loyalty organizations did. Most of the Goth bands we streamed weren't seeing any penny of it. The only correct answer for them was paying the fee. We dropped out, and silenced the station


Opening of new website, without promotion. Some invitations will be mailed to get some feedback from a little audience so we have the opportunity to improve some pages, guidelines and instructions in how to.

People can register, will receive an e-mail where we explain the site is in Beta release. Feedback will be asked with one or two surveys during the month of August. The real start at this time is set to 1st of October.