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Submit your playlist...

More about how to can be found in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.  

Step 1

Choose a chart you want to participate in. Then make your own chart by creating a playlist with track you wanted to be in that chart!

Step 2

Before you can submit your playlist to our chart maker, you need to make your playlist public available!

Step 3

Copy your playlist URL and submit it on the right chart list maker on our website. Make sure you are logged in on our website!

Make your own Playlist.
Give it a name so you can remember it.

Add the tracks you want to vote for.  Place them in order you want to sort them where the top position is your number one position.

Read always the instructions for each playlist, the minimum  number of tracks you have to add to your playlist to participate is always mentioned in the description.  When you prepare a list for a top25 chart, doesn't mean you have to add at 25 tracks to your playlist. Just follow the rules for the chart you want to prepare.

Make your playlist public.
Share it with the world, so we have access

You need to make your list public so we have access to it.  No worries, if do not make some noise of it, only a few will see it.

When you make your list again private, we will delete your vote the next week. Once in a week we will visit to your playlist to see if anything has changed and adjust your vote. Read the rules, sometimes we ask you to re-post your vote after weeks.

Participate with our Top of the Goths.
Submit your playlist here at the right Chart

In your Spotify player or website player, copy your playlist URI. You will find your URI under the 3 dots menu, open the share sub-menu. Here you will find the Copy Playlist Link or Copy Spotify URI. You can use one of these two.

When yo submit your URI, make sure you have a logged in session at the Spotify web player. Spotify could ask you to allow us to access your playlist, please confirm...

Top of the Goths Charts:

FAQ about Top of the Goths

No !

You do need an account at Spotify however. But free subscriptions can use playlists and publish them. If you do not like to create an account at Spotify you cannot participate with our Top Charts. There are several reasons we can imagine that you do not wish to sign-up at Spotify. But if you do, we advise to have a close look at your account settings. They respect your settings, so you don't get bombed by emails, and the free subscription is not overwhelming polluted with advertising. So we think it is worth the effort, and you will meet new music... 

We need access to your account to read out your submitted playlists. We do this more than once. Since you can change your playlist whenever you want, we will visit your playlist if it still exists, and if it does, we will update your voting results in our charts. The other reason is we need to check that your account is unique beside the one you create here on our platform.

At GothVille we do not use your personal information for any other purpose then offering you here on our site the possible information.

For each playlist you submit we save your playlist URL. If you do not want us to use your playlist as a vote any more, you simply make your playlist no longer public, or you can delete your playlist. When You have multiple charts where you participate with a playlist, you have to do this for each playlist.  

The best way to change the order of the selected tracks within your chart is by using the webplayer.  When you open your playlist, the first track on top of your list is the number one position. Your number one of the list. When you want to change the position of a track, you can hover (mouse over the line), left click to select and keep your mouse button pressed, drag your line to the position you want it to be listed, and release the mouse button.

You do not need to save it. It is done immediately. 
When you use the application on your desktop or laptop, you must make sure that you have no sorting set on one of the columns, nor there should not be any filtering active. 

After that it is pretty much the same as with the webplayer. Select the track, and drag it to the position you wish to order it. Also here, the top position is the number one position for our system, so it is your number one or the so called most liked track of your playlist.

You can add a track multiple times to your playlist, we cannot avoid this. However, when our system is checking your playlist, all duplicates will be ignored. We will only take the highest position as the one you voted for. If you add tracks from the same band or artist we will count for them. To be a valid vote we only require that within one playlist a track is unique listed. Not the artist, nor the album.  

How many tracks do I need to add to a playlist?

It depends on the type of chart we publish. The GothVille Goth Rock top 25 Ever will show in the chart a top 25 list. But we may state that you can commit your top 100. The limit will be announced, When you add more than the maximum allowed tracks, the tracks counted over the limit will be ignored. In most cases if we post a chart to participate in, the number of the chart will also be the maximum of tracks you can submit with your playlist.

Again, we cannot avoid you to add more than allowed number of tracks. We just ignore them.  

How do I make my playlist public?

When you are ready with putting your playlist together, you can publish it by opening the three dot menu on the right of your playlist play button.

Here you can find the menu "Make public". If it's already public, this menu will state: "Make private"...  

When you are ready with setting all tracks in the right position and have made your playlist public, you are ready to submit your playlist to the right chart here at the GothVille Top of the Goths. On top of your playlist you will find a 3 dotted menu button. Click here and go deeper in the Share sub-menu. Here you can use one of the two URL or URI link copy buttons. You can use one of these.

After doing this, you come back to this page and choose the right Chart. Right click in the text field of the playlist submitter, and paste the previously copied link here. Then just click on the button "Post your Playlist Now". That's it...