Hey Goth! Let's go to 21!

Forget about 2020! It's time to think about next year...

Oh, my Goth. What a waste the year 2020 was. No festivals, no gigs at all. No parties, no meetings with friends. Only the radio kept us going. Searching the net for new music and listening, listening and again, listening.

One thing is for sure the best we can do, going on to next year, hoping we can enjoy our darkness again in real life soon.

Meanwhile, we invite you to make your own top10 of the best gothic tracks you have discovered last year. Put them in a playlist on your Spotify account, sort them out from one to ten, and submit your share link to our Top of the Goths 2020 chart.

During the last months we have been working on our radio stream to get it back online. Still not ready the way we want it to be, and sadly enough while for many it was a time of forced rest, we had it pretty busy in our daily job these days. But hey, what can we say? *Dark Hint* : We encourage you to sign-up here at our website, some hidden features will appear once you're signed in.

We received some feedback about the Spotify playlists we created. Especially the theme related playlists in relation with our blogposts. Currently, we post all in one blog. We will make it a theme blog as well so those of yo who want to filter out genres they like less, can focus on the ones they like best. We keep you posted on this.

Another plan we have is to publish a survey about some functionality we want to build in our website. We would like to receive your feedback on it. When our survey is ready we will push it here and on our social media channels.

Speaking of social media. The last 5 years of silence did cost us about 1000 followers. We would like to reach out again to those, and of course new, people. Please share our page with your friends, let them know we are back from the dead!

Keep it safe and hopefully see you next year on one or many gigs out there,
The GothVille crew...

Hey Goth! Let's go to 21!
GOTHVILLE vzw, AnaXaGoRaS December 6, 2020
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